Fundamental Lab

The primary goal of the Fundamentals Lab is to enhance the nursing students to learn the basic nursing skills and intervention concepts with the valuable opportunity of practicing them on adult-sized patients in an acute care hospital setting. The basic skill of nursing practice is through the utilization of theory and kinesthetic learning principles.

The physical layout accommodates various learning areas according to the needs of the students. The lab consists of 10 hospital beds holding “patients” (mannequins). The “patients”, with movable limbs and replaceable parts, are recipients of a variety of nursing interventions – repositioning, injections, intravenous catheters, nasogastric tubes, foleys catheters, wound care, and oxygenation therapy.

The uniqueness of the Lab is that it combines the atmosphere of the hospital environment with sophisticated learning technology. It is instrumental for ensuring the success of all our nursing students as they progress throughout their diploma program. Nursing foundation lab is one which makes the imagination of hospitals set up, and the students can study the procedures and all the things on a dummy with the help of clinical instructors. These will help the students to reduce the stress and fear about the hospital environment.


  • To increase awareness among the students in the field of medicine to get a positive understanding between the doctor, nurse and patient in treating patient.
  • For providing practical knowledge as a demonstration in the institutional set up itself without any barrier.



  • The actual part is attained if the students have an imaginary set up of a fundamental lab.
  • The teacher demonstrates the procedure of an environment in the hospital set up.
  • The new students get direct experience to prepare themselves for hospital events.
  • To explain the basic concept of conceptual and theoretical models of nursing.



  • The lab is well furnished and well ventilated with all the necessary equipments like patient beds, mattresses, bed sheets, bedside locker, linens and blankets, napkins and towels, bed cradle, cardiac table, wheel chair, stretcher, critical care unit( with O2 cylinder with flow meter, CPR dummy and Suction apparatus), different sizes procedure trays, and other instruments. And all the equipment’s are as per INC recognition and enough for each nursing course.
  • The lab also contains the manikin of three adult male and females as well as one newborn. There is one dummy of hand with visible veins which is used to study the procedure of introducing IVcannula.
  • There are also charts like types of O2 masks, injection sites, methods of medication administration, procedure of T.P.R B.P, nebulization procedure, first aid kit, etc.


  • The students are doing all basic nursing procedures like bed bath, CPR, IV cannula insertion, IV therapy, Hair care, etc.
  • They are used to study the instruments which are used in hospitals, tray set up, maintaining aseptic technique during the procedure, etc.
  • They are allowed to issue the articles for the procedure. All activities are done for encouraging the students to be a functional nurse.