Nursing Tutor

The Sister Tutor is responsible to the Principal, College of Nursing/School of Nursing for organizing and conducting the teaching programme in the School/College of Nursing. 

Sister tutor Responsibilities

  • Planning of the teaching programme including  an orientation programme in consultation with the Principal/Vice Principal
  • Planning for students’ practical experience, ward assignments and vacations in consultation with the Principal/Vice Principal.
  • Planning of ward teaching programme with the cooperation and collaboration of Principal/Vice Principal
  • Preparation for classes and demonstrations, displays of educational material on notice board.
  • Teaching of all nursing subjects with assistance from other members of the staff.
  • Guiding students in methods of study and use of reference books and library, Individual attention to students when necessary, including individual assignments.
  • Conducting of periodical and terminal tests.
  • Organizing  seminars, panel discussion, debates etc.
  • Ensuring that students who go in for examination fulfill all requirements.
  • Visiting the hospital wards and departments and other practice fields.


Remuneration – negotiable and based on experience 

 Facilities -free food and accommodation