OT Nurse

Operating Room Nurse is a healthcare professional responsible for the safe, effective, and efficient care of the patient in the operating

Responsibilities of OT nurse

  • Providing  efficient and effective perioperative nursing care to patient.
  • Maintaining  surgical services in accordance with competency standards.
  • Completing  all physician orders, administer medications, and conduct treatments and tests for patients in a timely manner.
  • Assisting  with patient care in recovery room, procedure room and operating room.
  • Developing and implement nursing care plan for assigned patient.
  • Executing  proper use, care and handling of surgical equipment to ensure safety of operating staff and patient.
  • Maintaining  current and in-7depth knowledge of sterile techniques.
  • Communicating  continuously with operating team and other medical staff to meet needs for patient care.
  • Assisting  in ordering, storing and maintaining surgical equipment and supplies.
  • Preparing  operating room with surgical equipment, sterile, linens and supplies that will be needed during surgery.
  • Maintaining order and cleanliness in operating room.
  • Preparing  patients including cleaning and disinfecting body areas for surgery.
  • Preparing timely and accurate records of patient history and recovery charts.


Remuneration – negotiable and based on experience 

Facilities -free food and accommodation