Floor space 

The Central Library is spread over a floor space of about 1200 sq. mtrs. 


Our library is the central hub of the school, well-equipped to support and facilitate teaching, learning of the Institute which is well stocked with latest editions of nursing books both Hindi and English editions which are procured every year and offered for Referencing and Circulation. The total number of books in the departmental library runs over 3000 titles. The library is open to all students and faculty members. A special rack has been allotted outside of the library for keeping the belongings of students before they enter the reading hall. Ample space has been provided to both the students and faculty along with comfortable seating arrangements. The print collection also includes research magazines, nursing journals. In addition to the professional reading the library provides a good amount of leisure reading and books for soft skills development.

Circulation and renewal procedures 

Authorized faculty and students of Nursing are allowed to use the library and borrow books. Each cupboard in this section has shelf guides which will help our students .book is issued for a period of 7 days afterwards Book has to be brought physically by the student for reissuing, if required.


 Library subscribes 02 Newspapers (English & Hindi) 

Rules and Regulations

  1. Students should maintain silence while reading books. 
  2. Conversation, making noise, sleeping, resting legs on chairs and tables is strictly prohibited in the Library.
  3. Members entering the Library/reading room are required to leave all personal belongings like Umbrella, bags, books, etc., inside the locker room placed at the entrance.
  4. No outside/personal books are allowed inside the library.
  5. Personal belongings should not be left unattended. The Library staff are not responsible for any loss or damage.
  6. Students should follow the dress code of the college while visiting the Library.
  7. Misconduct or infringing the library rules is liable for disciplinary action.
  8. Misbehavior and misuse of Identity Card is an offence and the student responsible for the same is liable for disciplinary action.
  9. To obtain NO DUES certificate, one should return all books/journals borrowed pay overdue charges if any.
  10. In case of any grievances the students/faculty should contact the Principal/Vice principal.



 Nursing books-2600, Number of Nursing journals subscribed (National)-2